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Perfect Prose Copy Editing Ltd.

Price Sheet


Proofreading: $0.04 per word

Proofreading is the last phase before your manuscript goes to print or gets posted to your website or online store. This is intended to be a last look to catch anything missed in prior edits and is not a substitute for a copy or line edit. Proofreading doesn’t include rewrites of any kind.   


Copy editing: $0.04 per word

Copy editing applies a professional polish to your manuscript. We review your work, fixing errors in spelling, grammar, consistency, clarity, and punctuation. This is also where we would typically perform some fact-checking and adherence to a style guide if requested. Copy edits are described as light or heavy with the cost increasing as the amount of editing needed increases.  


Line Editing: $0.07 per word

During line editing, we look at your manuscript line by line and analyze each sentence, addressing word choice and the power, flow, and meaning of each sentence.


Formatting: Varies

Formatting applies mostly to manuscripts that are going to print, but can sometimes benefit digital work. It addresses font size and style, margins, referencing, headings, page numbering, list styles, and photos or graphics as needed. Includes fillable/signable e-forms.  If you are interested in formatting, or we see a need during proofreading, we’ll get together and try to find an hourly rate that works for both of us.


Due to variances in your needs, and gray areas in levels of editing, I will first request a sample of your document. We will then discuss, via phone, Zoom, messaging, or email, your goals and how I can best help you achieve them. Finally, I will send you a sample of what you can expect from me.


All prices are estimates until I review a sample of your document and fully understand your expectations.

  • Per project pricing considered.

  • $20.00 minimum applies. Ask about promotional discounts.

  • PDF editing is optional but MS Word is preferable due to track changes.

  • NDA signed on request.

  • Please ask about services not listed.

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