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Meet Irv




I'm a Silver Member of  The Christian Pen and a graduate of Udemy and Proofreading Academy. That may not mean much to you but the important part is tough to quantify. I'll try.


I spent 18 years in demolition working as a safety manager and dispatcher. First with the largest demolition company in the world and then with a small company of only 9 employees. In both places, I was the office employee called on when an important document needed to go out. 


 From turning a rough draft into an employee handbook or proofreading a critical email, the confidence and gratitude of my co-workers always made my day. When a second wave of the pandemic seemed to be looming, I told the owner it was time for me to leave the city. He immediately suggested freelance proofreading.


 January 2021, Perfect Prose Copy Editing was born. 


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